Custom Orders

The Perfect Gift

Want the most original and personalized favor for your upcoming event? Aim to have your clients remember you for your personalized approach? Serendipia can help!

Email us to find out how we can make your vision a reality and the pricing for custom orders.
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  1. Holiday Gifts
    Choose the fabric of your choice and present your clients with a customized set of coasters or holiday-themed napkins to brighten their home for the holiday and remind them of your personalized attention all year round.
  2. Bridal Showers
    Imagine the fun in presenting your bridesmaids and special supporters with matching shoe coasters, or aprons to reflect your wedding theme. A memory to last a lifetime!
  3. Parent Get-Togethers
    For moms and dads who always hang out in packs, surprise your friends with custom bibs to celebrate an important moment or celebrate the silliness of parenthood.